Podcast Mirror: A Modern Podcast Feed Solution

The Podcast Mirror feed can be used as your primary podcast feed when submitting to podcast directories, such as Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon Blubrry, and more. Shows that are hosted by podcast hosts who do not keep up with modern advances in podcasting or are hosted on platforms that underperform in the delivery of the RSS feed. With feed lengths extending into 100’s of episodes, you need a service that can deliver that media file quickly. Sign up Today

100% Compliant

Your new feed will meet all the features and resources required for Apple Podcasts and other podcast applications, such as Apple’s official iOS app, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and more.

Features required for Apple Podcasts:

  • HEAD and Byte Range requests
  • SSL certificate from one of the top-tier SSL vendors
  • HTTP/2, HTTP/1.1, and HTTP/1.0 supported
  • Complete Apple network range white-listed


Secure SSL (https://) podcast feeds utilize the latest technologies, including HTTP/2, paired with our top-tier certificate, supported by all applications and web browsers.

  • Secure HTTPS Included: Secure websites and feeds are now required for some applications and services. We keep you covered by providing your podcast feed via HTTPS://.
  • SSL Certificate: Supported by all podcast apps and clients, including Apple Podcasts.
  • “Encrypt All The Things”: Supports this Google link initiative.
  • Prevents red X: No longer see the X over a padlock in URL bar browsers.


Feeds are hosted on our Content Delivery Network (CDN), with hundreds of distribution centers located worldwide, improving loading times and compression for lightning-fast delivery.

  • Verified: Each feed update is verified. If there is an error, we don’t update the mirror copy so your subscribers are not disrupted.
  • HTTP/2 and IPv6: The service supports the latest technology. But have no fear. We still support older HTTP/1.1, HTTP/1.0 protocols, and IPv4 for complete backward ability.
  • 99.99% Uptime: Failover is baked-in. Podcast feeds are cloned across multiple data centers in different parts of the country. Each data center has a 99.99% guarantee, so we made the redundancy . . . well, positively redundant.
  • Feed Updates: We poll your master feed every 15 minutes for updates.
  • Manual Refresh: Your Podcast Mirror feed updates in 60 seconds.


We only want to provide the best, so we’ve ensured that all the parts come together for a quality user experience.

  • Smart Caching: Website caching can cause episode delays and random issues for some subscribers. Our caching is explicitly designed for podcast feeds and is always cleared when new updates are found in your feed.
  • Leave the Traffic to Us: Don’t worry! The traffic scaling is built-in. No matter your podcast’s traffic, your mirrored feed will remain online 24/7.
  • Features that Work: Other feed services will offer subscriber metrics; however, this data is flawed. Most listeners use cloud-based apps where one service pulls the podcast feed for many users. This simple service does not provide such features that – don’t work.


There are no limitations on where you can host your website. Podcast Mirror works around the quirks, such as the lack of Apple Podcasts support, blocked HEAD requests, and unsupported SSL certificates. Rest assured, your podcast feed will not be affected.

  • Cloudflare and Encapsula: Use these services on your website without fear that the security settings will block your podcast.
  • Apache, Nginx, IIS: Podcast Mirror can pull your feed without issue, regardless of your web server technology.
  • Squarespace, Wix, Weebly: Your feed will be adequately maintained, no matter where you host your site.


Subscribe options for listeners include, but are not limited to:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Podcast Apps (all)
  • Spotify
  • Android
  • Email
  • RSS

Podcasting 2.0 Features

Many Podcast hosts are non-certified when implementing Podcasting 2.0 features featured in new podcasting apps that engage your audience and bring new features to the podcasting space. Podcast Mirror by Blubrry podcasting is replicating features that Blubrry podcast hosting and PowerPress users have enjoyed for over a year. Podcats Mirror allows you to have a subset of these new features here at Podcast Mirror.  See our full write-up and documentation.

Those features include:

  • GUID – Provides a unique Identifier for every Podcast
  • Value4Value – A new mindset on earning Time, Treasure, or Talent for your show
  • Donate – Link your Paypal, Patreon, etc.
  • Medium – Podcasting is not limited to podcasts, think music, audiobooks, etc.
  • Credit- Give credit where credit is due, like the movies in your RSS feed
  • TXT – A way to validate your podcast ownership with third parties
  • PodPing – The fastest way to get your podcast episodes updated on all platforms
  • LIT – Going Live with your Podcast? Why not go live in a Podcast app. See PodcastApps.com


Feeds are viewable from most browsers to provide a seamless podcast experience from the web browser. Mobile and desktop support is available.

  • Easily found (and played) episodes
  • Visible podcast artwork
  • Subscribe buttons included

Technical Support

Podcast Mirror Support by Blubrry Podcasting.