Thanks for using Podcast Mirror. Before you contact us take a quick look at some common questions below. If this doesn’t address your concerns or issues, please get in touch with support. The Blubrry support team fully supports Podcast Mirror by Blubrry Podcasting.

Common Questions

Q: Can I leave at any time?

A: You can redirect your Mirror feed and return to your original podcast feed.

Q: How do I delete and redirect my podcast mirror feed?

A: Feeds: Podcast Mirror Feed can be redirected in the management area. In the Feeds section of Podcast Mirror, select the Redirect selection. You will then be asked where you want us to direct your feed.

Q: Where do I delete my User account?

A: Your user account is a Blubrry Podcasting account, so login here and in the Podcaster Dashboard @, go to the Account Settings section, and delete your account. If you have a podcast directory listing, hosting, stats, or advertising at Blubrry, you should not delete your podcaster account.

Q: How do I change my password or email address for the account?

A: You can change your password in Blubrry’s Podcaster Dashboard Account Settings section. Email change requests can be made here.

Additional Support Topics