Updating Podcast Listings and Directories

When you add your feed to Podcast Mirror, it’s important to update all of the paces where people consume your podcast.

Where your podcast can be found

When you first began your podcast, you likely added it to a few directories. If you remember which directories you added your podcast to, go to each of them and update the URL you provided them to your new Podcast Mirror URL.

Your URL will look something like this.


If you aren’t sure what your feed’s URL is, you can find it in the details of your feed at Podcast Mirror. Click on the feed you want, and it will bring up that feed’s details. Look for theĀ Feed URL.

Updating Specific Directories and Listings

The exact steps will vary depending on which directories you distribute your podcast through. Below are a few commonly used directories and how to update them to use your new Podcast Mirror feed.

Common Directories