Podcast Mirror & Blubrry Services

Blubrry Podcast Hosting customers using the Blubrry Dashboard or the provided Blubrry WordPress site to publish their podcast, with or without a domain mapped “do not” need Podcast Mirror as a service.

  • The same technology that powers these feeds at Podcast Mirror is used at Blubrry.
  • The Podcasting 2.0 implementation has an expanded feature set and is at channel and episode levels.
    • All Podcasting 2.0 features enabled at Blubrry will be used by default if you choose to use Podcast Mirror, regardless of this notice.
  • Blubrry offers permanent re-directs of feeds from any canceling customer.

If you are thinking you still need Podcast Mirror as a Blubrry Dashboard or Blubrry WordPress user, please get in touch with support at https://blubrry.com/support

Note: PowerPress users who host their website may need Podcast Mirror as some hosting providers are not as efficient at delivering RSS feeds as others. If you use Podcast Mirror with a self-hosted WordPress/Powerpress site, be sure to have the correct settings in PowerPress. Also your Podcasting 2.0 setting should all be set within Powerpress and not on Podcast Mirror.