Getting Started

Getting Started – Sign Up Today

Podcast Mirror is easy to use, and you need a Blubrry user account to get started with the Podcast Mirror service. If you don’t have one of those already, head here to sign up.

Once you’ve signed up, come on back to this page and log in with your new credentials.

Sign in if you’re already a Blubrry user, customer, etc..

Note: Blubrry Podcast Hosting – Dashboard or Blubrry WordPress customers do not need to use Podcast Mirror as our podcast feeds use the same technology as Podcast Mirror. You already have all the lightning-fast features this service provides.

Before You Get Up & Running

Once logged in with your Blubrry account, you only need to add your podcast RSS feed.

Adding Your Feed

Podcast Feed URL: Your current Podcast RSS feed link.

Feed Title: This is the name of your show or a title you’d like to refer to for this feed.

Address on Podcast Mirror: This is a keyword you pick for your feed. It cannot contain uppercase letters or space, only lowercase. Example: “myshowname”

PowerPress Users: If you are a user of PowerPress, the best Podcasting plugin for WordPress, you need to enable the PowerPress feed box it informs the system if your feed originates from PowerPress.

FeedBurner Users: If you currently use FeedBurner, use your original feed’s URL and not your FeedBurner URL. This can be found in your feed’s Edit Feed Details section on FeedBurner.

Editing Your Mirror Feed

At any time, you’re able to edit the information for your Mirror feed title and feed origin source.

Redirecting Your Mirror Feed

At any time, you can redirect your podcast mirror feed.

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